Friday, July 3, 2009

PFC is R.I.P. in northwestern Indiana!

Three down, one to go!

This story is almost too good to be true, but here goes it...

Pathway Family Center (which ran the Kids Helping Kids cult) is already closing the doors of its new facility in Porter County, Indiana. This leaves its Indianapolis center as its only remaining outpost (following its closures in Cincinnati and Detroit).

PFC admits that the failure to recruit more teenagers is part of the reason for the closure. What that really means is that people have finally caught on to its ways.

(I hate to use the Times of northwestern Indiana as a source for this article, since they're among the few outlets that considers PFC to be "acclaimed", but it'll have to do.)

The Porter County closure follows an infusion of $200,000 by county government, which was fueled by bipartisan corruption.

This raises other important questions though. What did PFC do with the $200,000 it got from county taxpayers? What did it do with other money it got from private organizations?

I'm convinced that the Indianapolis facility would be out of business as well if not for state taxpayers recently being looted by a state contract to prop it up.

Either way, the Pathway cult is now presumably only one-fourth the size that it was 9 months ago.

A toast to success! Blub...blub!


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