Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congressman wants to prosecute flotilla activists

Now I'm really, really glad I switched to the Green Party.

Following the recent attack on the Freedom Flotilla in international waters, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) wants to prosecute any American citizens who were aboard the vessel or involved with the humanitarian effort at all. Sherman cites a 1996 law.

The main problem with Sherman's argument is that he tries to claim Gaza's civilian population is the same as Hamas. But they're not the same. The flotilla was part of a mission to aid civilians - not Hamas.

What could Hamas officials possibly do with school supplies? These items benefit only the civilian public.

Prosecuting Americans involved with the flotilla would be like accusing Hugo Chavez of aiding the Republicans because he sent heating oil to the people of the United States during the Bush years.

And Brad Sherman is a Democrat??? He's not far behind the Republicans in their rightward march. He even attacked what he called "the liberal media" for not being right-wing enough regarding foreign policy.

Um, isn't this the same media that cheered the '91 Gulf War and the recent Iraq War?


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