Sunday, July 3, 2011

Taxpayers stuck with $12M climate change bill

If this doesn't prod the public to fight the corporate criminals who deny climate change, what will?

Cincinnati experienced more rainfall in the first half of the year than it usually does in a WHOLE year. Now, if you're familiar with Cincinnati, you can only imagine what that must be like. This is the city where they call it a "drought" if there's a single day without rain. This is the town where - even in a "dry" year - when it rains, it rains, and then it rains some more. Nobody who's spent their lives in Cincinnati has ever seen a real drought, so getting double the average rainfall is going to create problems.

Because of this year's record-shattering monsoons, local taxpayers are stuck with a bill of at least $12,000,000 to repair the damage. Key among this climate change carnage is washed-out bridges, buckled roads, and washed-away hillsides.

It's your money, Jo(e) Sixpack. What are you and I going to do about it?

We're better than the spoiled babies on Facebook who groan about "their" tax dollars going to services for the poor who truly need it. If you want to complain about where tax money goes, we should be marching in the streets that the climate change denial cult has cost us so much.

Local governments should use eminent domain to seize property as collateral from big corporations responsible for climate change. This would surely be constitutional, as constitutional rights are not supposed to protect corporations. Corporations have one right only: to sit down, shut up, and stay out of our way.

To not require corporations to reimburse taxpayers for the $12,000,000 that climate change has cost just in this area this year is in effect a $12,000,000 handout for corporations that caused this climate change. If our public officials don't support making the taxpayers whole, then maybe it's because they love corporations so much that they're willing to take our hard-earned money to "help them out."


  1. Tim, this is a very crazy post. Corporations cause rain??? Do you not see how looney that claim is? If this keeps up, you're going to get yourself sent to the nuthouse and we can't have that!

  2. If Coprorate (sic) America didn't cause climate change, then who caused it?