Monday, August 29, 2011

GOP candidate steals refrigerator

Here's more of the newses that the Cincinnati Enquirer seems to loses...

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer - now the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor - seems to have a strange fixation on refrigerators. Farmer used a state-issued credit card - which takes money from a state account (i.e., the taxpayers) - to buy 2 refrigerators. He improperly used one of the refrigerators for his own house. (He finally removed it from his home during a messy divorce battle with his wife.) He somehow lost the other refrigerator. A spokesman for Kentucky's Department of Agriculture said of the second fridge, "I haven't found it yet."

So - at minimum - Farmer stole a refrigerator using taxpayer funds. When a public official uses a taxpayer account to buy items for personal use, I call it stealing. I have a serious problem when public servants pilfer from the taxpayers in such a manner.

And what about the second fridge, which he lost? When I buy something the size of a refrigerator, it's mighty hard to simply lose it. The refrigerator didn't just grow legs and walk away - though I wouldn't blame it if it did, because being around Republicans grows tiresome.

The disappearance of this refrigerator remains a mystery. But the bigger mystery is why the Republicans still have any support at all.


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