Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pennsylvania town taken over by Tea Party mercenaries

I'd been wondering what American town would be the first to be completely taken over by a Tea Party coup, and now I have an answer: It's Gilberton, Pennsylvania.

The stupid began in earnest recently when Police Chief Mark Kessler posted profanity-laden videos of himself firing guns and threatening "liberals." Kessler was suspended for 30 days for misusing police property as props in his clips, but then he decided to up the ante.

Kessler heads his own private mercenary group called the Constitution Security Force. This personal militia carries loaded assault rifles and blocks folks from public meetings. Kessler's mercenaries have carried out an illegal insurrection that now runs the town. This private army also has a website threatening to shoot people over their political views.

There have been calls for the Pennsylvania National Guard to put down this violent junta, but right-wing Gov. Tom Corbett has refused to act. Bear in mind though that the Constitution Security Force is not a police agency. They're an organization of thugs. If I lived in Gilberton, and these hooligans tried blocking me from anything, they'd get their fucking heads split open.

Also, somebody has been deleting references to this ongoing revolt from the Wikipedia article about Gilberton.

Now we know the true face of the Road Atlas Brigade and the rest of the Tea Party. Criminal, violent, crazy.

(Source: http://politicalblindspot.org/media-blackout-militia-is-holding-pennsylvania-town-hostage;

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  1. Ironic that in his YouTube production the leader of the "Constitution Security Force" is wearing a shirt that sports the battle flag of the Confederacy, those stalwart upholders of the US Constitution...