Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Confident, confident, dry and secure!

This is primarily a political blog, but this is something personal I need to have a chitchat about.

In the course of only an hour back in August, I went from being a sad sack of a man to acting like an overconfident teenager. All because of one funny story.

You might have to stop me. I overcompensated, and it might not be healthy. Myself and another individual are feeding off of each other, and we might have to stop. It was great for a while, but now I'm not so sure.

Maybe I'd feel better about this if I had validation from other people. I almost feel like I'm acting cooler than I really am. I'm not absolutely sure, because after all, I am mighty cool. It could simply be teenage rebellion, except I'm 43.

If you know I'm cool, please authenticate my coolness. It'll make me feel so much better. But if you know I'm not, break it to me gently. I'll come to terms with it.

Think. Do. Be.

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