Saturday, December 17, 2016

Now I'm a "goon"

So now I'm not just a "dopleganger" (sic) or an "unpatriotic patriotic bubble blower" or a "beaver teeth self." Now I'm a "goon" too.

I made a post on a local Facepoo forum in which I criticized the unconstitutional practice of requiring students in extracurricular activities to take a drug test. The usual crew of alt-right crackpots immediately spouted off, and several of them demanded I leave town if I don't support this policy.

One other ultra-right-winger said that playing sports in school means "you forfeit certain rights." I had to set him straight. I replied...

"You don't just forfeit rights. That's why they're called rights."

Then he responded...

"Rights and privileges are two different things goon."

Yay! A right-winger called me a "goon"!

Soon after, a very, very minor local politician kinda sorta admitted he was the one behind the drug-testing policy. Why am I not surprised it was him? Of course, it makes him eligible for impeachment for violating the Constitution he swore or affirmed he would uphold.

By the way, I'm not leaving town over this, despite what they suggested.

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