Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More proof we no longer have free speech

This story has completely ruined the holidays for me. I wanted to continue what had been a great day with a friend, but was confronted with this story. But I shouldn't be surprised.

In the 2014 "election", Kentucky State Sen. R.J. Palmer - a Winchester Democrat - was defeated in a shocking upset by far-right Republican challenger Ralph Alvarado. The Palmer campaign had run a TV ad claiming Alvarado - a doctor - was "getting rich off addiction" by overprescribing oxycodone to a criminal defendant.

It's unclear what was wrong with the ad. People accuse me of cashing in because I sued someone in small claims court or wrote a memoir about being harassed at school, so why isn't it fair game to accuse Alvarado of "getting rich off addiction"?

Alvarado filed a SLAPP lawsuit against Palmer and his political consultant Dale Emmons. And now - get this - a court has actually ordered Palmer to pay Alvarado $200,000.

What ever happened to free speech?

Hey, I think I'll sue someone for calling me an "unpatriotic patriotic bubble blower" or a "beaver teeth self" on the Internet. I feel like making $200,000 just for the asking.

We're in a war - a war of good versus evil. We have a condign right to prevail.


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