Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump staffer convicted of election fraud

Isn't it strange how the last poll I saw of Michigan prior to the "election" had Hillary Clinton leading the state by 20 points, but Donald Trump ended up winning it?

Here's a case out of Michigan that might shed some light on election fraud in the Wolverine State. Brandon Hall - a Trump staffer - has just been convicted of 10 counts of election fraud. Now he may face 5 years in prison. Back in 2012, Hall - along with Republican activist Zachary Savage - forged signatures on petition forms supporting a judicial candidate. But Savage received immunity in exchange for testifying against Hall.

Hall had served on his local school board, but he had to quit when he was convicted of stealing from a school fundraiser. So why did the Trump campaign and the Michigan GOP hire him after that? And why did they hire him while the election fraud charges were pending?


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