Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bo Duke got mad because he spent 5 hours in jail

I've always enjoyed The Dukes Of Hazzard, but John Schneider - who played Bo Duke - thinks spending 5 hours in jail is the biggest injustice in the history of the universe.

Recently, Schneider was taken to court for not paying alimony - because that's just a little bit more than the law will allow. He was ordered to spend 3 days in jail because he couldn't come up with $150,000 he owed. Apparently, Schneider has very little money because he spent a lot rebuilding his Louisiana movie studio after it flooded. It's a shame he was jailed for a debt he couldn't pay - it sounds like something that would happen to the Dukes - but the punishment was nothing compared to what most folks would face.

After being released, Schneider told the media he didn't receive any preferential treatment - then proceeded to list the ways in which he did receive it. Key among them is that he only had to serve 5 hours of a 3-day sentence.

That's nothing. What about my bogus "trespassing" arrest at NKU that kicked off a months-long legal battle? What about the false imprisonment at CPH? What about all the unarmed people killed by police?

John Schneider thinks he's fightin' the system like a modern-day Robin Hood, but all he's doing is grumbling about a punishment that's milder than what most people would suffer.

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