Saturday, June 16, 2018

Drugstores grandstanded while America burned

Remember a few years ago when major pharmacy chains stopped selling over-the-counter allergy drugs because the drug warriors told them to stop?

While these stores ceased selling products that were effective, they also took actions that contributed to the ballooning pandemic of opioid abuse - proving once again the rank hypocrisy of the failed War on Drugs.

I don't recall if Walgreens was one of the stores that dropped allergy drugs, but the drugstore chain is now being sued by Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear for its contributions to the opioid crisis. The lawsuit alleges Walgreens engaged in deceptive business practices by not reporting suspiciously large orders the store received for prescription opioids. Delaware has sued both Walgreens and CVS, and Walgreens has already agreed to a settlement in Massachusetts.

In short, pharmacies denied legitimate product sales to innocent customers, while they allowed Big Pharma drug pushers to get an untold number of people hooked on opioids.

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