Tuesday, June 12, 2018

So what bad things are happening this week?

• The Kenton County Planning Commission rubber-stamped yet another luxury housing development, because of course it did. The massively unpopular subdivision must now be approved by Covington and Park Hills, and is expected to drive up housing costs further and worsen water runoff that has already flooded Covington residents' homes.

• The Tea Party is backing a right-wing campaign against a popular new tax in Seattle that would charge big corporations making at least $20 million in gross revenue about $275 per full-time employee per year. This tax was supposed to help fund affordable housing programs. The Tea Party joins Amazon and Starbucks to be among the few to oppose the measure. Despite overwhelming public support for the tax, City Council plans to appease its corporate masters by repealing the tax.

• The Trump/Kim summit in Singapore (which was held there probably because Singapore outlaws chewing gum, and Trump probably doesn't know how to blow a bubble) was a disaster. What a surprise!

• Fascism is on the march in the Trump regime. When was the last time there was a Republican administration when it wasn't? Trump's Justice Department is arguing in a court case that the University of Michigan's policy against harassment is unconstitutional. The Trump regime's stance is that people have a First Amendment right to commit harassment on a university campus. Yep, that's been the cry of fascists everywhere for decades. Welcome to 1986, Donald.

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