Tuesday, June 19, 2018

GOP plan would raise Medicare age, gut Medicaid, and slash Social Security and vets' benefits

How reactionary is the Republicans' new budget?

Some details of the budget were released today, and it's everything you've dreamed of - if you like punishment.

The budget would raise the Medicare age to 67. It would cap Medicaid spending - and institute an illegal work requirement for Medicaid beneficiaries. It would also prohibit those who get Social Security disability from collecting unemployment insurance.

The budget would even slash veterans' benefits and student loans.

At the same time, the budget would of course increase already-bloated defense spending.

The budget is so extreme that it might not pass. Republicans would have to be mighty stupid to cut Social Security right before a midterm. Maybe congressional Republicans got tired of Donald Trump ruining their party's brand, so they decided to do it themselves. But there were no negative consequences for them in 2010, when they endorsed raising the retirement age to 70, so why do they think anyone will stop them now?

(Source: http://www.heraldcourier.com/news/national/house-budget-would-direct-billion-in--year-spending-cuts/article_df356fe5-e3a6-5999-aa5a-91bef2c2d8d1.html)

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