Friday, September 7, 2018

Kentucky GOPer appeared on white supremacist show

Because this is a day when the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the Republican Party of Kentucky is mired in yet another humiliating scandal.

Everett Corley is the Republican candidate for a Kentucky House seat in Louisville. Back in 2014, he appeared on The Ethno State, a white supremacist YouTube show. Corley expressed a litany of racist grievances.

Corley complained that whites in one Louisville neighborhood are "completely surrounded" because of a political plot. He said, "It's a bunch of white liberals and minorities who've conspired together to cut the white working class out of power."

This is a bullshit meme that needs to be laid to rest. Even in 2016, exit polls proved that right-wing candidates performed better among the rich than among the working class. Most working-class Americans - regardless of race - don't give a shit what the Far Right thinks.

When confronted about appearing on this show, Corley sputtered and drooled. But he denied any of his comments were racist - though some clearly echoed tired racist complaints.

All this from a leading Kentucky Republican. Everett Corley isn't running for some minor office, but a powerful state legislative seat. He was even pictured on the state party's website. State GOPers say they didn't know of Corley's racism, but he already had a history of racial controversies. He had even called a local professor "a damn dirty black bastard."

Here's the most interesting part: Corley's district is majority African-American.

The Republicans don't like being labeled as a racist party? You picked the weirdo, Repubs. I didn't.


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