Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Pershing project will proceed after all

The rubber stamps never run out of ink, do they?

Covington City Commission had smartly rejected a proposal by a developer to demolish historic houses on Pershing Street and replace them with luxury townhouses. This came after the developer arrogantly boasted that he wanted to tear down everything on the street. The developer's statement reminded me of the nasty presentation by the Monty Burns look-alike at the Highland Heights meeting back in 1996.

But now the city's urban design review board has green-lighted the proposal. In fact, they're letting the developer defy the zoning code by making the new buildings taller than the code allows.

All that in what's supposed to be a historic preservation zone.

I think I know where my next Roads Scholaring needs to be - so I can photograph Pershing Street before its imminent ruin.

(Source: http://www.rcnky.com/articles/2018/09/18/board-gives-ok-raze-historic-buildings-build-townhomes)

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