Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Chabot has history of making a fool of himself

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) is the longtime congressman from a Cincinnati area district. And in recent years, it's just been endless bigotry from him and his supporters.

Chabot's backers also have no respect for IRS regulations against religious bodies endorsing candidates. A couple days ago, while traveling through Cincinnati, I saw what appeared to be a house with a huge Chabot sign. But when I looked closer, I discovered it was a church.

Chabot is also part of the right-wing extremist plen-T-plaint termed the Tea Party. I'm pretty sure that back in 2012, he gave a classist speech at a Tea Party rally on Fountain Square. I believe it was this event, and in this entry I described how I heckled the crowd...


I was pretty sure I released a "You lie!" during Chabot's speech, but that wasn't mentioned in my account of the event.

After the rally, a Tea Party member confronted Occupy Cincinnati and boasted that he only hired overseas for his businesses because he thought American workers were lazy because they demanded to be paid properly.

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