Monday, October 29, 2018

GOP should be on the hook for nation's PTSD crisis

A newly released study suggests that as many as 1 in 4 American college students may suffer from PTSD because of Donald Trump stealing the election.

This study was conducted last year at Arizona State University, and it says that 25% of the students surveyed had "clinically significant event-related distress", a predictor of PTSD.

Why would an election result cause PTSD? And why would the other side not also suffer from PTSD when they lose? The answer is simple. Some political figures - such as Trump, the Bushes, and Newt Gingrich - have enjoyed harming people. Their policies are rooted in evil.

Some government policies are not just more effective than others - but also more ethical. People do not get PTSD from benevolent actions that bring positive results.

People have a right and a desire to live in a society where they can be safe. The modern Republican Party has long been the party of violent bullying, and now it's become the party of rape and sexual assault too. When party leaders force the public to relive traumatic experiences, that doesn't just go away like a short-term disappointment. That's always going to be there.

That is why the Republican Party needs to be held liable for what is sure to be a national PTSD crisis. The cost of treatment needs to come out of their deep pockets. I don't care to ever hear another word from some rich right-winger complaining that their tax dollars are funding others' healthcare - because in this case, this would be an expense incurred by their actions. You reap what you sow.


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