Sunday, October 28, 2018

GOP's "mob" claim proves they've lost in the court of public opinion

When you've lost America, you've lost America.

And the Republican Party has lost America.

The Republican Right has long bragged of support from "the people." Clearly, their definition of "the people" didn't include a majority of people who you actually know. But they said it was mostly only "the media" that opposed them. Whenever they claimed "the media" was biased against them, it was their way of saying they really didn't have public support.

Lately, the GOP has generated lots of whining about a "mob" opposing them. This seems to be their final admission that they really don't have public support. After all, Donald Trump lost the popular vote. There's no ambiguity about that. The Republicans regularly lose the national U.S. House vote even when they win a majority of seats. Half of the Senate is elected from states that have a total of only 18% of the country's population.

For having tried so hard to cultivate their phony populist image, it's interesting how the Far Right has now thrown in the towel by being arrogant enough to act like they're the only ones who matter and that everyone else is just an uneducated "mob."

The real question is: Since there's more of us than them, how do we deal with their arrogance as they continue to impose their will on us because they think they're "better" than everyone else?

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