Thursday, June 25, 2009

BTPers protest Channel 9

Brrrrring! Channel 9!

Many locals will remember that jingle as the mating call of Cincinnati's WCPO-TV in the '70s.

But to that comedy routine known as the Cincinnati Tea Party, it's: Brrrrring! Turn it off!

Yesterday, this band of right-wing galoots held a protest in front of Channel 9's headquarters. Their grievance was against an ABC special about the Obama administration's health care proposals.

This rally was a fraction of the size of the ones in March and April, and I didn't even know about it until after the fact. This shows that the LOSEianne crybabies are waning almost as quickly as they rose.

They seem barely relevant anymore. Not that they were very relevant to begin with. I considered them a circus act more than anything else.

The nobody who coordinates the Tea Parties in Cincinnati incoherently whimpered, "Government-run health care is bad and ABC is giving time for the President to run an infomercial is a bad thing for our country."

An infomercial??? Then what do you call Channel 5 preempting 'American Dreams' for a Bush rally?

Another participant in yesterday's event said, "Health care is not a right."


Health care is a right - not a privilege. Let's get that cleared up right now, before the BTPers try to run with the ball. And America's current corporate-run health care system is in shambles.

It's also true that ABC ranks up there with Fox News in trying to derail everything Obama. ABC has largely been a mouthpiece for his opponents on the right.

Gee. Don't you wish you were so lacking in a life that you had nothing better to do than spend your Wednesdays protesting TV stations over imaginary slights?


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