Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fox writer accused of hitting cyclist

Because this is a day that exists, we've received another account of some right-wing big shot being accused of intentionally mowing down a bicyclist. (In entries like this, if the assailant isn't someone with at least some celebrity status in right-wing circles, it's some everyday incompetent acting under the auspices of right-wing policies.)

Recently, Don Broderick, a writer for Fox News, allegedly plowed his swanky SUV into a cyclist in Central Park. The cyclist was dragged almost 300 feet.

Broderick is also a former reporter for Rupert Murdoch's New York Post - which is like a tabloid print version of Fox News (GOP bias and all).

This behavior is a pattern in the right-wing media. The fascist Clear Channel syndicate has been noted for its "personalities" at several different stations encouraging motorists to plow into cyclists.

It turns out Broderick has a long history of throwing temper tantrums any time he doesn't get his way. He was once suspended from work for throwing a punch at a colleague. In another incident, he told a production assistant that he would "tear your fucking head off" because she couldn't find a piece of video he wanted.

One former colleague called Don Broderick "a creep and a bully" who "really is crazy."

At least he's on the network that comes to mind immediately when you think of bullying and creepiness.


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