Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Right-wing senator acknowledges extramarital affair

Meet Sen. John Ensign (R-Nevada). A fairly conservative guy, he is. Big Iraq War supporter.

He's been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate for 2012. When I read that, I rolled on the floor with laughter.

But now Ensign admits to an extramarital affair.

On its own, I don't believe that's a big deal, except among his own family. A politician can have a million affairs without impeding their political effectiveness one iota.

But Ensign is a Republican - the party that tries to run everyone else's lives - so it's only fair that he should be held to a little higher standard. If his party hadn't anointed themselves as the nation's morality cops, Ensign wouldn't be the grade-A hypocrite that this story makes him.

After the Nazi media utterly destroyed John Edwards for having an affair, it's only fair that John Ensign should resign.

Edwards is almost excluded from winning an elected office again, because of the media's treatment of his unfortunate errors. So the honorable thing for Ensign to do would be to give up ever holding an elected position again.

Either that, or the media should just admit they have a double standard favoring Republicans.

Of course, I'm not under any illusion that Ensign will resign, or that the media will let this story hurt him one bit. If you think I've been displaying a double standard, consider it even with the pop-up media.

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