Thursday, June 23, 2011

GOP lawmaker steals SUV

This blog has been slow of late, because criminal behavior by the Republican thought police is hardly news these days, for they break the law so much. It's actually news when they DON'T commit a crime!

And if it's not news, it's not interesting, is it?

But here's a story I couldn't resist...

Meet Idaho State Sen. John McGee. A rising Republican star, that McGee is. He was even thought by some to be a frontrunner for governor!

But over the weekend, he got busted for stealing an SUV and driving it while drunk. The theft charge is a felony.

It all went down after an alcohol-laden golf outing. McGee stumbled up to the SUV, climbed inside it, and went for a little joyride. While trying to turn around, the trailer attached to the SUV jackknifed. McGee then got out of the vehicle and walked up and down the street in a haze. A group of kids who witnessed the episode called the fuzz.

That's one of the state's top Republicans for ya!

Since John McGee likes stealing cars so much, maybe someday he can join Darrell Issa in Congress.


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