Monday, June 27, 2011

Toilet protest tomorrow!

Sorry for the short notice, but I'm either gonna be there or I'm gonna be square...

Toilets are cool. They're curious devices.

And now 3CDC - the same cadre of know-it-alls who ruined Fountain Square and the Metropole - is going to be the target of a toilet protest tomorrow! As you may know, 3CDC is a confederation of corporate panjandrums that has micromanaged development projects in Cincinnati. Next on their hit list is Washington Park. While "renovating" the park, 3CDC has removed the restrooms and is neglecting to install new ones.

The lack of tinkletoriums forces folks to walk many blocks all the way to the library or other public buildings just to drain the main vein.

So locals are conducting a protest in front of 3CDC's swanky digs! This rally will "theatrically display the need for a public restroom", and it's gonna show a toilet! You know, those things people pee and poop in.

It's all happening at roughly 5:15 PM tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1413 Race Street - in front of 3CDC's lair!

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