Thursday, June 2, 2011

War on the poor expanding in Chicago?

There's two Americas: the poor America and the rich America.

In which America do folks get more free stuff from the government? Not the poor America. The rich get new taxpayer-funded streets and favorable zoning policies, for instance. Almost every new subdivision for the well-off does in effect receive a bailout, as nearby roads, schools, and other public facilities require much more upkeep.

But in the poor America, folks receive far less - and have to submit bodily fluids just to get it. Or they will if today's army of class warriors gets its way.

Some nobody who runs the Chicago Housing Authority - which is in charge of Chicago's public housing - now wants to force every adult resident (including senior citizens) to take a drug test. Failed drug tests would result in immediate eviction.

It's unconstitutional, of course. (Naw, really?!)

Much as the ACLU is suing over workplace drug testing, the ACLU has also warned of a lawsuit over drug tests for public housing. You can't accuse the ACLU of a double standard here. The thought police on Facebook - who are mostly self-employed business owners - have been arguing that, because some workplaces require drug tests, why not public benefit programs too? Well, the ACLU is going after both. So there goes the right-wingers' argument.

Bigotry in all its forms is unacceptable, but in the America of the past 20 years, perhaps no form of bigotry has become as widely tolerated as classism. I don't see how the poor could have even been perceived as a threat, so that can mean only one thing: Class warriors are carrying out this war just because they can. It's time to make sure they can't.


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