Saturday, December 17, 2011

America can't survive another rightist revolution

The 2012 electoral cycle may be make or break, folks. I feel mighty good about it, since the Occupy campaign continues to grow. But if you're still not clued in to these voices of reason, let me warn you of what looms if America elects the wrong clown.

Through most of my lifetime, in intervals of roughly 6 to 8 years, the United States experiences a revolution of sorts. Not a good revolution, but a fascist one. Each time, the Far Right tightens the vise of oppression and decimates more of our natural rights. They bring economic ruin, attacks on civil liberties, and more ideological allies to fill our judicial posts and gunk up the works for decades to come.

We may seem immunized for 2012 because of 2010's Tea Party jailbreak, but it's important to keep our guard up at all times. And there is no question whatsoever that America WOULD NOT survive a Newt Gingrich presidency. This is not hyperbole. This is a demonstrable fact.

The Establishment has masturbated at the prospect of a Gingrich White House for years. They want this more than anything in the world. This is their Holy Grail. With Gingrich at the helm, everything else comes easy to them.

Worst of all, it'll be on our backs. If your memory goes back further than 1999, you know Newt is mean. And evil. Evil to the very core. I'm not talking about somebody who's merely misguided. Newt Gingrich sets out to do people harm. He hurts people and he enjoys it.

If Newt is allowed to set foot in the Oval Office, that's it. It's over. America won't survive it. And it's not happening on my watch. When we used to sit on our hands, we lost. But the Occupy movement is about action. I do not think for one minute that Occupiers will allow one of the worst American politicians of modern times to go anywhere near the White House.

So Occupy!

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