Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun with garbage

Who besides Oscar the Grouch ever thought trash could be so much fun?

I waltzed down to Occupy Cincinnati again yesterday, because they were hankerin' to conduct an amazing march through the neighborhood, in which they would pick up garbage and beautify the city. I brang a couple trash bags and donned rubber gloves - joining about 50 other folks in this endeavor.

I'm reporting on this event here because the pop-up media won't. As far as I can tell, The Media has completely ignored this beautification march. They report every negative story about the Occupy movement they can get their paws on (including stories that are completely made up) - but when we do something positive that turns out to be a success, there's not a word of coverage. Nothing.

We collected dozens of bags full of rubbish. We picked up broken CD's, soft drink cans, gobs of Frisch's Big Boy wrappers, and enough chewed bubble gum to blow a bubble the size of Newt Gingrich's head. I even found a couple pencils and a small amount of coinage! This went on for a couple hours.

This also lays hulk to the Far Right's laughable claim that Occupiers don't do any work. Yesterday, I met the hardest-working group of peeps I'd seen in recent memory. Contrast this with some of my old schoolmates, who were so damn lazy that I'd be surprised if they made the effort of moving their arms into a position to open a garbage bag. (Then again, they'd love finding all that old gum, so maybe it'd be worth it to them.)

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