Sunday, January 20, 2013

CBS hires Condoleezza Rice

CBS - which has already repeatedly lied about Occupy - continues to prove they're now on par with Fox News, this time by hiring the disgraced Condoleezza Rice as a regular contributor to its news department. Rice joins Juan Zarate, another official from the scandal-a-day Bush regime.

CBS's Jeff Fager and David Rhodes boasted that Rice "will use her insight and vast experience to explore issues facing America at home and abroad." That's hilarious, you know that? Like Newt Gingrich, Rice is an example of someone who tries to sound smart in the hopes that dumb people will listen. She's not big on real insight. This is the same Condoleezza Rice who helped spread lies in order to draw America into the disastrous Iraq War. As late as 2006, Rice was still falsely claiming Iraq had something to do with 9/11. Later, she lied about ever having claimed this.

Rice amassed a record of right-wing incompetence and doublespeak throughout her years in the Bush regime.

During the Bush years, the American media in general was little short of a Bush mouthpiece, and they cheered the idea of right-wing recreational war. Media outlets did the same in 1991 in the run-up to that year's Gulf War, so the process wasn't entirely new.

Now I'm starting to sympathize with the guy who wrote that tearful article some years back complaining that news events left too little time for morning TV personalities to blow bubbles with bubble gum and pop it all over their face. That would certainly be more important than anything Condoleezza Rice has to say.


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