Saturday, February 23, 2013

Big Coal throws tantrum over pollution rule

There's no outrage like fossil fuel outrage!

Congress has maliciously refused to act on reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. So the Obama administration is forced to take executive action. Regulating pollution is one of the EPA's basic charges, and an earlier Supreme Court decision says the EPA is legally required to regulate polluting gases.

Obama's EPA is fixing to issue a new regulation that would limit the amount of emissions by new power plants. Big Coal says this means no new coal-fired plants can be built - and that it's all Obama's fault.

Wrong. Try again.

Coal-fired plants can still be built. All they need to do is add a carbon capture mechanism. So the captains of industry need to stop complaining.

What's really at work here is another propaganda effort by Big Coal to blame "the liberals" for everything. Of course this won't work, because: 1) The cities are starting to outvote the coalfields; 2) Republicans have maxed out their electoral support in the coalfields anyway; and 3) the natural order is for workers to vote against their bosses. Voting with your boss and worshiping random rich guys is '90s stuff. The energy industry thought they'd get 3 more right-to-scab states out of this, didn't they?

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