Friday, February 8, 2013

Service dog may be killed for biting woman who beat him

Good dogs deserve the very best. I've known many dogs, and I know how special dogs are.

But this is lost on the Far Right - which stage-manages life in Montrose, Colorado. Local authorities want to kill a disabled veteran's service dog because he bit a woman who tortured him.

The incident occurred in November. The woman who beat the dog admitted, "I started punching him in the face and kept punching him until my hands hurt so bad I couldn't hit him anymore." Then she hit the dog with a bent metal pole, dragged him by the collar, and grabbed his mouth. That's when the dog finally bit her.

After torturing the animal so severely that his eyes swelled shut, the woman had the nerve to file charges over being bitten. Outrageously, a judge has ordered the dog to be put down.

What the hell is wrong this idiot right-wing judge? What the hell is wrong with the criminal who abused the dog? The abuser and the judge have both proven themselves to be enemies of the values that are supposed to govern humanity. Anyone with any measurable amount of common sense knows you don't torture a dog.

I don't give a damn if people say I'm overreacting. When the right of dogs to be free from abuse is at stake, there's no such thing as overreacting. It's the same way with child abuse. I bring down the hammer on adults who beat kids. If people don't like my tough oratory against abusers, too fucking bad. I'm not here to "understand" child beaters and puppy killers. I'll have plenty of time to be mellow when I'm dead.

In the meantime, here's a petition to save Dutch the service dog...


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