Friday, February 22, 2013

Montana bill would let corporations vote

When I first read this, I thought this bill had to be a joke. But nope. The Republicans really are that crazy.

Montana State Rep. Steve Lavin - a Republican, of course - has introduced a bill that would let corporations vote. Under this bill, corporations would be allowed to vote in every city or town where they own real property. The corporation would assign a designee to cast their vote.

Considering corporations own acres upon acres of land (and don't use much of it), each corporation would likely be able to vote multiple times in Montana.

This brings to mind some important questions: Why are corporations allowed to own so much real property? I support individuals acquiring real property, but I think there should be a moratorium on corporations acquiring it. Corporations are not people - and they are not supposed to have property rights or any other rights.

Because corporations are not people, they shall not get to vote. What level of shitbaggery induces a lawmaker to think corporations should vote? What is Steve Lavin's defense for his bill? I'd love to hear him make a fool of himself defending this crap. That would be like the time Joe Fischer got laughed at for introducing a bill to let corporations in Kentucky fund elections.


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