Saturday, April 25, 2015

Comcast/Time Warner merger dead

For once, our side actually fought for something. And we won!

Comcast - the hated cable TV and Internet giant known for its right-wing bias and shitty service - had planned to take over Time Warner, creating an impenetrable media monolith controlling two-thirds of America's Internet traffic.

Usually, corporate mergers are rubber-stamped, because they say that not doing so would violate their True Free Speach Now (tm). Nobody did shit to stop the Delta/Northwest merger, for example, or Clear Channel's engulfage of almost the entire radio industry. The states sure didn't do a damn thing. Fifty states, no action. But Comcast/Time Warner was diff. People actually fought back.

Comcast officials now say the merger is dead. Even the FCC refused to back the merger.

This follows the FCC establishing new rules to protect 'Net neutrality - which our side also fought for.

See, we actually win when we fight for stuff. I don't give a shit how many people get skeered by it. We are at war, and I will fight.