Wednesday, April 8, 2015

'SNL' star Gary Kroeger runs for Congress

I could be writing about something funny - like the Irene Cara and Colin Hay look-alikes I saw at the Opening Day parade on Monday - but instead I'm writing about something that seems funny but is actually very important.

Remember Gary Kroeger, who was a Saturday Night Live cast member in the '80s? Now he's running for Congress in Iowa. The comedic actor says he's running in the 2016 Democratic primary in Iowa's 1st District and is actually very serious about it. The Cedar Falls native says he wants to champion progressive policies.

If Scott Walker can be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, then certainly Gary Kroeger can be taken seriously for just about anything. If Kroeger was a Tea Party guy instead of a progressive advocate, The Media would already be anointing him as the frontrunner.