Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NorthKey busted for bad food

For years, one of my top goals has been to bring about the closure of a gulag in Covington called NorthKey Community Care Children's Intensive Services - formerly Children's Psychiatric Hospital of Northern Kentucky. It appears that only the name has changed, and it's just the same old shit in a different package.

Now I have access to an official log of complaints that have been lodged against the facility. The log only covers the past few years, because older complaints are conveniently discarded, but it's a rather interesting document.

This log shows there have been several formal complaints against NorthKey just in the past few years. The nature of most of these complaints is unspecified. In some cases, "The allegation was substantiated." In other words, these allegations were confirmed, verified, proven.

This log has much more detail about NorthKey serving possibly spoiled food earlier this year. The document says NorthKey "failed to ensure implementation of a policy addressing safe practices for food handling." Among other things, food was improperly stored or not labeled. It appears as if the facility didn't even bother to tell an employee it had to be labeled - and served quickly after being removed from the refrigerator. NorthKey's food handling practices constituted a significant risk of spoilage.

The log goes into great detail about food preparation staff not wearing proper hair coverings. This is particularly ironic because the facility is known for making such a big deal about "clients" wearing the "wrong" kind of pants, saying it was because they "might" pull down their pants and expose themselves - even though there's no evidence that they did. NorthKey appointed themselves as pants police, but wouldn't provide hair coverings for food staff?

Granted, NorthKey is accredited by the Joint Commission - but the Joint Commission has been in trouble itself for not enforcing safety standards or patient rights.

Don't think the log is real? Here's the log...