Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gunfire hits Democratic candidate's office

I wonder what Freeper was behind this?

In Fort Worth, Texas, the law office of a Democratic candidate for state representative has found itself the target of gunfire.

The office of Kalandra Wheeler was riddled with bullets from a shotgun on Thursday night. Several pieces of ammo entered the office right over the candidate's chair.

How do right-wing types get away with calling everyone else terrorists when they're the ones who shoot up opponents' offices? Weird how Democratic offices keep getting burglarized, vandalized, and shot - while this never happens to Republican offices. (The only exception I can think of offhand is in West Virginia when a certain known GOP hoaxster just happened to be around when shots were fired near a Republican office.)

This is reminiscent of the recent instances when right-wing terrorists shot a radio station office in Houston and burned an antiwar bus in New Jersey. There's no end to the violence from the Bushbots.

The government needs to launch a detailed investigation of right-wing organizations to get to the bottom of these terrorist acts.


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