Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Conservative Fool Of The Day is...Antonia Novello!

Antonia Novello was Surgeon General under Mad Dog Bush and later headed the state of New York's health department under right-wing Gov. George Pataki.

As Surgeon General, Novello was known for the type of social engineering diktats you'd expect from someone who was appointed by a member of the Bush royal family. And now she's under a criminal investigation for her reign in New York.

A new report by the New York Inspector General's office says Novello routinely abused her staffers. The report referred her to the Albany area DA for felony charges of defrauding the government and offering a false instrument for filing.

The report says Novello forced employees to work overtime on personal errands such as picking up her groceries, watering her houseplants, and assisting her during shopping trips at swanky Saks Fifth Avenue. This cost New York taxpayers almost $50,000.

Novello also allegedly forced a health department security guard to use his teenage son as unpaid labor to rearrange heavy furniture. The report also says Novello made a publicly funded health agency spend $15,000 on an oil painting of herself. Her drivers also claim she yelled at them frequently.

The report also charges that Novello ordered another guard to use his own car to take her on a sightseeing trip.

The right-wing feeling of entitlement is once again on display for the whole wide world to ogle (beep), isn't it?


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