Friday, January 30, 2009

Freedent goes international (Bubble Gum Weekend)

If you ever wanted to hear the "Freedent's the one that took the stick out of gum" jingle in French, this may be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Freedent - the amazing gum for people with no teeth - must be the smash hit worldwide that it is in the U.S. In other words, not much of a hit at all.

Anyhow, I ridiculed a Freedent ad from the good ol' U.S. and A. once before (though YouPube has since pulled that clip due to feewinghurt). But this ad campaign wasn't limited to the U.S. or to the English language. Now I've discovered a 1987 French-speaking Freedent ad from Canada:

Same jingle - only in French!

I'm not fluent in French, but it appears as if the jingle was translated almost verbatim from English. In fact, I think I detected a "oui" in the same place the English-speaking version says "yeah." The only difference is that the opening line seems to say "Freedent the gum" instead of "Freedent's the one."

The words printed on the screen seem to be saying something about Freedent not sticking to false teeth being a registered trademark.

So watch out! If you chew, say, Bazooka or Fruit Stripe, and it doesn't stick to your false teeth, Freedent can sue you!

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