Saturday, January 24, 2009

Murder may prompt new restraint policy

After scuzzbag guards at Parmadale Family Services (a so-called "treatment" facility in Ohio run by Catholic Charities) murdered a 17-year-old girl by brutally restraining her, answers have been slow to come.

However, following this death, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland wants a statewide policy on face-down restraints - the type of restraints that killed the teen.

And there should be a policy. A policy to outlaw restraints completely, that is.

In fact, there already is, apparently. Unless I'm missing something, face-down restraints seem to be already banned in Ohio. One has to ask to why the regulations aren't being enforced.

This restraint method has killed over 40 young people in America since 1993.

In the meantime, murder charges should be pursued against the guards.


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