Friday, January 13, 2012

Bill would require schools to teach creationism

This is what an America ruled by Wall Street looks like.

While an absurd Republican bill in Indiana would allow school districts to force teachers to teach creationism as science, a new bill in Missouri would go even further. If passed, this bill would require public schools and universities throughout the state to teach creationism. It would require textbooks to teach creationism too.

Didn't legislators in these states learn anything from the Scopes trial?

And what does this have to do with Wall Street? Well, they're Republican bills. So Wall Street picked 'em.

Further, these bills are really a form of cheap elitism. These lawmakers believe their own power and wealth gives them the right to impose their views on the public.

Americans today expect political leaders to lead them out of darkness, but a handful of corporations and theocrats still hold the country back all too often.



  1. I must say that I have heard more hate, rasist, and ignorant bias on this site than any other I have stumbled upon. OMG, are you seriously this hypocritically damaged? Read what you are stating before you blab your illness to others, PLEASE. Are you so damn sure of yourself? I wonder if you also are willing to accept responsibility for your own flaws and discriminating vocal damages to this world's spirit? Put that thought in your LEFTer than left(since everyone is in a group to you) and smoke it with your normnal morning pick me up. Love ya good luck.

    1. I have not posted anything racist on this blog. Ever. So what you said is completely wrong.

  2. I had this crazy idea that all perspectives should be given to educate and to teach our children to analyze all veiws and make a personal and INFORMED life choice on what to call truth.??
    Also, I want to add some meat to this thought snack,
    OPINION is not TRUTH, everyone has an opinion, but Truth is unchanging no matter who finds it unpopular.
    I feel so sorry for the comments I read on this site, no those leaving them. Ask yourself "have you ever been wrong? Will you be accountable and take responsibility for mis-leading another? and most importantly Do you really give a damn about what comes forth from your mouth and by your mind set here online?"

    1. I had this crazy idea that science classes should stick to teaching science.