Thursday, January 19, 2012

Romney hides money in offshore accounts

I know Bush was a scandal-a-day guy, but Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney gives ol' Dumps a run for his money. (I assume Romney is still leading the GOP primary even though it was just certified that the laughable Rick Santorum actually won Iowa.)

After it was revealed that Romney - back when he headed a Mormon congregation near Boston - threatened to excommunicate an unwed mother if she didn't give her baby up for adoption, the Mittster-related shockers continue. Now it's been discovered that Romney has hidden tens of millions of dollars from the federal government in secret offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

How in the world does he get away with this???

This discovery was made after Romney complained about paying too much in taxes - even though the tax rate for him is significantly lower than what most Americans pay.

I guess we'll find out in November how little patience Americans have remaining with Wall Street whiners like Mitt.



  1. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will prevent this. For too long the camel has stuck it's nose under the Big Top under the auspice of big government. Onlt Ron Paul would stop put a stop this camel.

    Ron Paul is against SOPA while all the other candiates Obama included are against SOPA. SOPA is another name for PIPA and vice versa. While Obama oppose SOPA is he opposed to PIPA too.

    In the buble it describes the s

    1. In the bible it describes the story of thr threading the thread through the eye of a needle. Which cannot be done. That is why the two party system must be rejected in november