Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oakland wants to ban dissidents from city

Imagine if you can the intensity of the outcry if any city posted a sign saying that no Tea Party followers could enter town. Well, Oakland plans to do just that with Occupy participants.

The California city has enjoyed one of the most vibrant and effective Occupy protests. But now right-wing Mayor Jean Quan wants to ban "repeat protesters" from most of the city. She plans to seek "stay away" orders against these individuals.

"Repeat protesters"??? I didn't know protesting more than once was a crime!

This comes days after Saturday's police riot against Occupy Oakland. (The Media falsely reported that Occupy Oakland burned an American flag and knocked over a sculpture inside City Hall. However, it's since been proven that this vandalism was actually committed by infiltrators hired by authorities in an effort to discredit the Occupy movement.)

Quan is also misusing city funds in an attempt to organize a counterprotest against Occupy Oakland. Good luck with that, idiot. The only thing I've seen resembling a counterprotest against Occupy Cincinnati was one guy (who happens to be a convicted felon) smearing fake shit on a piece of cardboard and calling us "communists." If Occupy Cincinnati attracts only one counterprotester, I doubt Occupy Oakland can draw many more.

Occupy protests around the country and the world have faced a coordinated campaign of official suppression. This has accomplished nothing except to make the Occupy movement even more popular. This is borne out by the expanding numbers on Occupy's Facebook pages. Indeedity-doodledy, Occupy Oakland is already planning another major event next Monday.

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