Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cincinnati steps up anti-Occupy suppression

I went to another Occupy Cincinnati march today, and it turned out to be one of the most eventful yet.

We marched from Lytle Park to Fountain Square and on to Piatt Park. I defied the 3CDC thought guardians in plain sight by walking the Peace Bike onto Fountain Square. But it wasn't until we got to Piatt Park that we fell victim to the forces of loom and doom.

Turns out there were police waiting for us, and while I was chaining the Peace Bike to a post, cops arrested a participant in our rally. For no apparent reason. This man wasn't even doing anything illegal that I could see. Other Occupiers witnessed this incident up close, and all agreed that he was doing nothing that justified an arrest.

Mind you, this was in broad daylight, so the park was open. It's not like we were there at midnight again. This is the first time I can think of offhand that Cincinnati authorities have gone after us in the daytime. They had several police cars and a horseback officer just to arrest one man!

Plus, the cop on horseback charged his horse into another participant in our march - almost injuring him. I am a witness to this, as I was standing right next to the victim of this attack.

As a result of this episode, we extended the march from there to the Hamilton County Justice Center.

What does it say about the authorities when they not only try to suppress a perfectly legal protest movement but manage to do it so stupidly?

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