Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obama opposes 'Net censorship bill

Memo to those who insist Clinton was so much better than Obama: This story shows how Democrats are supposed to govern. Whereas Clinton endorsed right-wing ideas like school uniforms and allowed a rogue Congress to repeal most of the Glass-Steagall Act, Obama is taking a different course.

The Obama administration has now announced its opposition to SOPA - an intolerable right-wing Internet censorship bill. SOPA is so extreme that it would have shut down websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I believe that was Lamar Smith's intent when he introduced it, and that would be its likely result too. Despite this, there had been a lot of speculation that Obama would just sign SOPA if Congress passed it.

As a result of the White House's opposition to SOPA, Congress has now shelved the bill. That doesn't mean a different bill won't rise in its place, but the Far Right should be on notice now.

The bill may have died anyway after the Occupy movement campaigned against it. Odds are, Congress would have approved the bill if not for that. Now - with what seems to be a veto warning - we're much safer from SOPA than before.