Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama to reject Keystone pipeline

Ya know, we're starting to like this guy.

I wasn't militantly against Obama, but when you add this story to the announcement that he will oppose the unconstitutional SOPA, it looks like America may finally have a President.

The Obama administration has decided that it will reject the job-killing, land-grabbing, environment-destroying Keystone XL oil pipeline across the Great Plains. TransCanada will be allowed to reapply for this project, but only after devising an alternate route that spares Nebraska's amazing Sand Hills region. And Congress is throwing an absolute shitfit over the decision to reject the pipeline. (The decision on whether to approve it was supposed to be delayed until next year, but Congress went back on its pledge and mandated that a decision be made by February 21 of this year.)

We'll never know for sure whether it was the Occupy movement that led Obama to nix the pipeline. For all we know, he may have rejected the pipeline anyway. But - considering how its approval seemed inevitable only a few months ago - one has to suspect this is the latest in a string of Occupy victories.

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