Friday, November 2, 2012

GOP candidate supports Westbozo cult

Does anybody still think the Republicans and the Tea Party aren't ready for the scrap heap of history?

Jack Wu is a Republican candidate for Kansas Board of Education. He says he's running for this seat because Kansas is "perverse" and schools are teaching "crap." He wants to make it illegal to teach evolution in Kansas schools. "If you're mainstream, you're going to hell," he warned.

It turns out that Wu moved to Kansas just so he could attend Fred Phelps's Westboro Baptist Church. This Topeka congregation is not part of any mainstream Baptist body. Westbozo is actually a far-right cult known for picketing the funerals of celebrities and soldiers.

This is just the latest preposterous chapter in Kansas politics. Another was written this year when a Libertarian candidate for Congress legally changed his name to Thomas Jefferson.

Just goes to show that anybody can run for office. The sad part is that if Jack Wu wins, the DLC will try to "compromise" with him - as if you can reason with crazy.


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