Friday, November 2, 2012

State-by-state election prediction

Since it's obvious President Obama is going to be reelected, the question that remains is by how big of a margin.

I'm going to go out on a limb and make an unembellished forecast of what states he will win. I predict Obama will win each and every state he won last time - plus Arizona. Simple, huh?

I know Indiana looks rickety, but remember, it's difficult to get accurate polls of the Hoosier State because of its laws on phone polling. The "right-to-work" debacle and Richard Mourdock's fascism are seriously jeopardizing the Republican cause in Indiana, so it's a mystery why it would be a lock for Mitt Romney.

Conversely, one may be equally surprised Obama is even winning nationwide, after the far-right Citizens United ruling decimated our electoral system and permitted corporations to literally buy positive media coverage for the Republicans - as they did in 2010.

Don't count on all our troubles grinding to a halt even if Romney loses. The right-wing media has lately been reduced to hyping possible GOP gains in the House - a body that has already surrendered its legitimacy. Voting is necessary - but not sufficient. We must - and will - continue to fight after the election is over.

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