Monday, November 12, 2012

GOP releases redistricting map

Poor Republican Party. They've spent the past several millennia bragging about how they're gonna win control of the Kentucky House, and once again, they've fallen well short.

Kentucky lawmakers were supposed to redraw state legislative districts this year, but Republicans in the Kentucky Senate made such a jumble of the process that the courts threw out the new maps. They were still legally required to do it this year - but didn't.

For months before the election, some guy on the Internets was talking about the prospect of the GOP winning the Kentucky House. I kept explaining to him how this was impossible in this year's election, but he kept on talking about it.

Finally he had the nerve to ask what the new map would look like once the Republicans took the House. So I posted this map to show what it would look like...

That silenced him for a while.

If the GOP takes control of the House now, it won't be at the ballot box. It will be because they used force like they did in 1999 when they took the Kentucky Senate via party switches. If they don't take the House that way, the question for 2014 isn't whether they'll gain the House, because that's going to be nearly impossible. The question is going to be whether they lose the Senate.

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