Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gun shop won't sell to Obama supporters

In conservaworld, it really is "Second Amendment for me, not for thee."

The right-wing brain trust (such as it is) has spent the past 4 years bellyaching that President Obama is taking their guns away - even though Obama has had a better record on the right to bear arms than any other President in decades. Now they've once again let the mask slip, as they've announced their intent to keep Obama's supporters from exercising this right.

Southwest Shooting Authority - a gun shop in Pinetop, Arizona - has produced a newspaper ad announcing that they won't sell to Obama backers. "If you voted for Barack Obama your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority," the ad scolds. "You have proven that you are not responsible enough to own a firearm."

As if the Tea Party is a model of responsibility and levelheadedness?

The right-wing Establishment's view that the Second Amendment should protect only them isn't new, and it proves just how power-hungry they are. Back in 1993 or 1994, when I was in college, I got in an argument with some ultraconservative hack about this very matter. According to him, nobody who wasn't to the right of Jim Bunning was responsible enough to own even a pair of scissors. Meanwhile, a local conservative politician was out roaming the streets with a pistol pointed in the air because he mistakenly thought some kids had vandalized his campaign signs.

It's over, conservos. Done. Finished. The only thing that's kept the conservative movement going is corporate money, and I believe this is their swan song.


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