Wednesday, March 2, 2016

7-Cent Joe introduces his dumbest bill yet

You know Kentucky State Rep. Joe Fischer is bad when his extremism makes national news.

The Tea Party Republican from Fort Thomas is as bad as that legislator in Georgia a few years ago who kept introducing all those loopy bills. Now Fischer has introduced H.B. 572, which is what he calls the Matrimonial Freedom Act. This epic 454-page bill starts off with an incoherent rant against the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. Most of the rest of it consists of simply changing the word "marriage" in existing laws to "matrimony." It also says that if a couple is of the same sex, it's not actually a "matrimony."

In essence, the bill would abolish all marital rights and replace them with rights for people in a "matrimony."

This is Fischer's attempt to circumvent the Supreme Court. He thinks that if the law gives marriage a different name, the Supreme Court decision doesn't apply.

Naturally, the Democrats are letting Fischer go unopposed.