Friday, March 25, 2016


Every time something like this happens, we need to have an audio clip embedded in this blog that has Ronald Reagan saying, "Well, you fucked up again."

Recently, the criminal Matt Bevin shut down Kentucky's health care exchange - the most successful in the nation - without getting the requisite approval from lawmakers. He replaced it with the laughably named Benefind, a website that directs people to the federal health exchange. Benefind is also now mandatory for anyone applying for public benefit programs.

But Benefind doesn't work. Remember when everyone complained about the "broken" Obamacare website? Well, Bevinfind is worse - by far. Many folks have been directed to call a phone number - only to receive a recording that tells them to try later. Others have been told to visit state benefit offices, forcing them to miss work and wait the entire day at the office. Benefind has also locked people out of their health care accounts or completely eliminated their health coverage. Some haven't been able to get life-saving medications as a result.

Well, that was the whole point. Did you really expect Matt Bevin not to fuck something up on purpose?

Naturally, officials with the Bevin thugocracy are denying how bad Bevinfind is and making excuses for it. They even blamed former Gov. Steve Beshear for it - even though it was Bevin who started Benefind.

Benefind is Benefucked.