Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Peroxide miracle comes through again

I pulled one over on the Far Right!

Pouring hydrogen peroxide in the ears has killed common colds every time I've tried it in the history of ever. Or at least it's cured it much quicker than not using it at all - even the time last year when I waited an extra hour because I got too enraptured in a CHiPs episode.

As one of the latest doings of the Bandit, I had cause to break out the peroxide again. This was Monday night, when the telltale signs of a major respiratory infection began to lurk in the offing. So peroxide was introduced into each auditory canal, and that was the end of it.

I felt weak yesterday, but that was because of adjusting to Daylight Wasting Time. I feel weak today, but that's because I was deprived of sleep by the Northern Kentucky Water District running a jackhammer at 4 AM. But I feel safe in declaring Monday a landslide win against deadly colds.